About Us
Optiontown is a pioneer in the world of travel options. Our vision is to develop unique and innovative travel options to create a win-win for travelers and travel providers (airlines, hotels, car rentals etc.). Our sophisticated yet consumer friendly products greatly enhance value, convenience and comfort for passengers and simultaneously generate incremental revenues, increase profitability for airlines, hotels and other travel companies.

Built using our patented technologies, our revolutionary product portfolio includes over 60 different products, including, the Flight Pass Option (FPo), the Upgrade Travel Option (UTo, pronounced as 'You Too'), the Empty Seat Option (ESo), the Flexibility Reward Option (FRo), the Multiple Booking Option (MBo), the Preferred Flight Option (PFo), the Preferred Seat Option (PSo), the Lounge Access Option (LAo) and the Xtra Baggage Option (XBo).

Our unique technologies are based upon concurrent optimization for travelers and travel providers. Our optimization approach concentrates on the overall value for the parties involved rather than simply on a specific product or service.
Concurrent Optimization
for our partner airlines
and travelers
Optimized critical
business parameters
for partner airlines.
  Enhanced satisfaction
and value for travelers.
Our customer-driven model has been designed to:
- enhance value and traveler satisfaction by:
* Offering brand-new, customized travel options
* Addressing constantly changing travel needs
* Rewarding advantageous travel purchase behavior

- help airlines improve their business performance by:
* Generating incremental revenues
* Enhancing customer satisfaction and value
* Increasing load factor
* Decreasing operational costs
Who We Are
Optiontown is owned and operated by Optiontown, Inc., which was founded in 2003 by alumni from The Masachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and The Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT). Over the last few years, we have developed several ground-breaking patented optimization technologies in the field of travel. We have received 20 patents worldwide on our sophisticated technologies. Our people come from a wide range of backgrounds with a common goal of excellence. We are headquartered in Massachusetts, USA. Outside of North America, our international operations are headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Our other group companies and offices are located in India, the United Kingdom, Spain, Egypt and Vietnam.

US Patents 7,418,409; 7,424,449; 7,472,080; 7,983,956; 8,140,399; 8,145,535; 8,145,536, 8,165,920 and 8,275,667. Australia Patents 2007330457 and 2007284408. Singapore Patents 160,492; 160,493, 160,441 and 160,446. South Africa Patents 2010/00529; 2010/00530, 2010/00531 and 2013/03248. Russia Patent 2555231.

For more information, you may contact us at:
For Optiontown Customer Care - customercare@optiontown.com
For Airlines and partner queries - partners@optiontown.com